Skyhammer Studios

Skyhammer Studios develops unique card and board games for families, young people and kids. Our mission is to bring families closer together through shared experiences and fun.

Our games

Cardtropolis is a fun-filled card game where the player who captures the most Super Villain cards wins.

Cardtropolis is played competitively with 2 to 3 players or cooperatively when played in teams. Players will use math and pattern matching skills when Powering-Up Super Hero cards, strategy in deciding when to use a Special card and problem-solving skills to win the game. Go to our games section to see more!


In development

Super Heroes face off against Super Villains in a contest to rescue their captured sidekicks and minions, even as the city itself works against you!

Ages 7 & Up | 2-8 players


Make a super team and work together to stop “The Machine”. Rescuing civilians, stopping minions and listening for Breaking News are all part of the fun!

Ages 8 & Up | 2 or more players


A fast-action card game where math and Power-Ups strengthen your Super Heroes. Collect the strongest Super Villain cards to win the game!

Ages 6 & Up | 2-4 players


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