Super Heroes gather! The clock has struck midnight and Cardtropolis is under attack! Led by fearsome bosses like The Machine and Penny 2020, these Super Villains along with their loyal minions are taking over midtown.

The citizens’ hopes rest with you. Your task is to use Super Heroes, Sidekicks, and Specials to capture all of the Super Villains, Minions, and a Crook or two along the way. The safety of Cardtropolis is in your hands.

As a player, you have the task of capturing the city’s most powerful Super Villains. Capture them outright by using Super Heroes and Sidekicks or by revealing the Crook when solving a mystery. But keeping your captured Super Villains from the clutches of other players will be a challenge. Once all Super Villains are captured, the player or team with the most Super Villain Power Levels wins the game.


Cardtropolis Cards

Super Villain Cards

Capture the city's most powerful Super Villains to win the game. The bosses garner the most power level points, but the minions are easier to capture.

Special Cards

Target other players with specials. But be on your guard, as you may need to defend yourself from others using them against you!

Super Hero Cards

Empowered, Enchanted and Mutant Super Heroes are at your command. Play them on your turn to capture Super Villains from the playing area.

Mystery Cards

Use a Mystery Hero or a triple discard, for a chance to reveal the Crook. Turn over the Crook card to solve the mystery, awarding you with one Super Villain from the playing area.

Super Hero Sidekick Cards

Sidekicks are a super heroes secret weapon. Play them to power-up Super Heroes or discard them in threes for the chance at revealing the crook card

★ Capture Super Villains with a smashing Super Hero team-up.

★ Power-Up your Super Heroes with amazing Sidekicks.

★ Gain the upper hand by using Specials to capture Super Villains from other players!

Game Setup

Play Cardtropolis as free-for-all, a player vs. player(s) session or in Teammate mode. Teammates play cooperatively with each other in Teammate mode to defeat the other team.


2-minute Game Overview

Game Rules

Learning to play Cardtropolis is easy, download the rules for a thorough view of how to play the game!

Comic Strip

Our favorite Super Heroes can now be found in comic book form!

ISSUE 1: Game Night

The sun sets on Midtown as our heroes gather at HQ. It's board game night!

The table is set, the pizza is made and our heroes are kicking back and catching up when the alert sounds off. It's time to save the city of Cardtropolis once again!


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